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Tuition and Fees

PAYING TUITION: Pay online, by mail, in person, and more. Find out more here.  


For Fall 2023, tuition was due Monday, August 14th, 2023. 

  • Tuition deadlines are always before the start of each semester. Official dates are published in MG冰球突破试玩's Academic Calendar
  • Students are responsible for paying tuition less any anticipated financial aid, scholarships, loans, military benefits, discounts, or other aid and benefits in full by the tuition due date, or be enrolled in a payment plan before this date.



Housing and meal plans provided by MG冰球突破试玩 will be added to a student's financial account. For additional information about On-Campus Housing and Off-Campus Housing, please view the Housing website. Should you have additional questions about Housing or Meal Plans, please contact

Calculating How Much to Pay

The Tuition Payment Deadline is the date by which students need to either pay their expected amount owed (charges minus expected financial aid, scholarships, loans, grants, tuition assistance, military or veterans’ benefits, etc.) or sign up for a payment plan. The Tuition Payment Deadline is always before the start of the semester, with official dates published in MG冰球突破试玩’s Academic Calendar.

For help calculating the expected amount owed (the payment amount due by the Tuition Payment Deadline), click here.