MG冰球突破试玩 Security

The Security and Safety Department at Hawai’i Pacific University is dedicated to providing the students, staff, and faculty with a safe and secure working environment.  Our team of both in-house and contract security professionals train constantly and maintain a close liaison with law enforcement and security community leaders to enhance that mission.  Our security officers are licensed by the State of Hawaii Security Guard program and consistently exceed the minimum training requirements of the program.  All are trained in CPR/First Aid/AED and licensed accordingly.  Security Officers also receive annual training regarding federal laws such as the: Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act, Title IX, and other rules germane to protecting students and staff.  OSHA safety principles are covered in daily briefings and unsafe conditions are constantly looked for through frequent inspections.      

Although Hawaii Pacific University is separated into three separate geographical areas, security personnel are assigned under a unified supervisory structure.  All officers on duty report to a lead officer who in turn report to the MG冰球突破试玩 Security Center at the Aloha Tower Marketplace location. Incoming telephone calls can also be directed to any location thru the center.  This process facilitates the flow of information to whoever needs it and simplifies coordination of security efforts.

Campus locations where students are housed have a security presence 24 hours a day seven days a week.  The downtown campus has security coverage during working hours Monday thru Friday 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM and on Saturday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  If security is required after working hours, requests can be made through the MG冰球突破试玩 Security Center and security officers can be dispatched.

Security and Campus Contacts

Hawai’i Pacific University Security and Safety Department

Aloha Tower Marketplace

Security Office: (808) 544-1400


Downtown Campus

Cellular: (808) 219-9229


Hawaii Loa

Front Gate: (808) 236-3515
Security Office: (808) 236-3500


Oceanic Institute

Security Office: (808) 259-3170
Cellular: (808) 220-2899


MG冰球突破试玩 Counseling & Behavioral Health

Downtown: (808) 687-7076


MG冰球突破试玩 Chaplain

Downtown: (808) 544-5294


Housing & Residence Life

Hawaii Loa: (808) 544-1436


Outside Agencies

Fire, Police, etc...